New Look 6250, its old now, but a favorite
This is one of my favorite patterns. New Look 6250.  There is nothing special just a plain shirt, no collar in four views, sleeveless with a deeper scooped neck, a long sleeved and short sleeved version with front buttoned down and a woven t-shirt view which I have also altered without sleeves at all to wear under business suit jackets. There are no darts it is a simple loose fitting shirt with a slightly dropped shoulder, and originally made in the early 90s with shoulder pads. I don't think this pattern is in print anymore and it would look rather dated with large shoulder pads, but simple alterations will keep it looking classic. 

I purchased this wild Hawaiian style print last year then promptly lost this intended pattern.  When I re-arranged things so I could make room for a quilting table (that will have to be another post) I found the missing pattern. Now I am going to make this shirt so I have it for next summer.  I have two yards of fabric and it must only be about 42 inches wide.  The pattern calls for two yards of 45-inch wide fabric in the size I plan to make. 

I have enough fabric for all of the main pieces, but I am going to have to cut the pockets on a fold and the sleeve is a little wider than the half fold on the fabric.

enough room for pockets if cut on the fold
  • Pockets on the fold so I have enough fabric, no big deal I can do that.

enough fabric on this strip for the underarm splice
  • A splice under the arm so the sleeves are wide enough, also do-able. 
Careful placement may let me match the front
  • Front not matching, well that is much less desirable.  Or is it possible I can make that match?
There is a 12.25-inch pattern repeat, so if I think this out properly, (lay it out so that the 12.25-inch repeat starts and ends on the center front (button line) I probably can get the front to match too.  I am not sure if I will still have fabric for the pockets, but it is certainly a make it work moment.