Cat-Trap Scrap Project

This is Dot. She likes to be in the middle of any project that gets to the cut table. 

Dot in a Cat-Trap
This week she discovered foam. She has always loved fleece, but this new thing, foam, is even better. It is soft and she can tear it up with her claws. She is sure it is a special present just for her, but alas, it is not. 

When I finished my original planned project there were scraps. So I made a fun little project that was special for Dot. A pad for the bottom of the shoe box I use as a "cat-trap" so she can be nearby but safely out of the way. The pad could just as easily be a little project for a Barbie doll bed. In that case you might place the little cushion on top of the box and use the box to store doll clothes. The hardest thing on this project is the math and this is very simple math so this is a very simply project. 

Scrap Project

1.  Measure the inside dimensions of the box. This box is 12 3/4" by 6 1/2".  Use this measurement to cut one piece of foam.  


2.  Add the thickness of the foam plus 1" for the seams to the width and length measurements of the box you are using. The foam I used was half an inch thick. (I did not add this width on my fabric cuts because it was so thin, but if I do this again I will.)  This is the measurement for fabric cuts.   

     Length: 12 3/4" (Box length) + 1/2"(Foam thickness) + 1" (Seams) = 14 1/4" 
     Width:     6 1/2" (Box width) + 1/2"(Foam thickness) + 1" (Seams) =  8"
     Box you use: Length ________        Width _______  = Foam Cut Measurements _______

     Length you listed above_______ plus Foam Thickness:__________ plus 1"=_________
     Width you listed above  _______ plus Foam Thickness:__________ plus 1"=_________

3.  Cut 2 pieces of fabric for the measurements you made above. 

4.  Sew the two pieces of fabric with right sides together along the long edges. 

5.  Press seams open.  I used foam scraps like a pressing ham to keep from pressing an unwanted crease into the fabric.  

6.  Turn right sides out.


7.  Fold the foam in half lengthwise and insert into the tube you have created.  Center and unfold foam, working the foam into the seams and centered in the tube.  

8.  Hand stitch the ends closed.

9.  Place pad into Cat Trap if using to keep kitty companion safely out of the way, or place on top of the box if using as a Barbie doll bed mattress.   

Dot checking out new padding in Cat-Trap