Vintage 1912 Skirt 0162 Update

I taped and cut out the pattern for the Vintage1912 skirt #0162. I knew these patterns were more for the tall and thin, but I had no idea they were for the extremely tall. If I hold the pattern so that the bottom of the skirt front just touches my toes, the natural waist is above my bust level. When I match the pattern to my natural waist I would have to climb a ladder so it would just touch the floor.
More for the tall and slim than the short and fat

I am glad I discovered this before I cut the fabric or started sewing the soutache braid down the front panel sides. I think, given the little bit of time I find to sew, it would have been depressing to spend extra time sewing nearly a yard of unnecessary trim. This pattern has to be designed for someone closer to 7 feet tall. Sadly what I reduce in length I will have to add in width. I have some concern that it may not resemble the original when I finish the alterations. I can see that corsets are going to be a requirement. Maybe sewing with the old treadle machines helped keep them slim; sitting in front of a computer screen all day sure doesn't.  

I am sure others have blogged about this extra length and I will read about it soon enough, but in order to truly test these patterns I prefer to explore them like they are being sewn for the first time. I wonder if home sewers of the early 1900s understood more about fit, and alterations, than we do, or did a lot of them just give up and decide sewing may not have been for them? 

I have decided to make the alterations and sew this for me. If I make it for my daughter I will simplify or omit the soutache braid design because she will not appreciate it. If I like the fit I may even make a shortened version too so I can wear it to work. It is too pretty not to modernize.   


Beginning the 0162 Ladies Skirt

It has been a busy summer, but at last I have a moment to start the 0162 Ladies Skirt. I just printed the pattern and instructions this morning. I have to take the car to the shop this afternoon so I am taking my tape, pattern pieces and instructions with me. This is one of those have to go to the dealership for check up and possible repair so I want to have plenty to do. Fortunately they have several waiting areas which include a lounge for TV watching, but it is always sports; car racing, golf, football, basketball, baseball, whatever is in season. They also have a couple of rooms with work tables and a separate tall seating area where it is comfortable and quiet enough to work sudoku, logic, and crossword puzzles or read. If you have to be there you might as well be comfortable. 

While I wait for them to diagnose the car problem I will read the skirt instructions. If it is going to be a simple fix great, I will have accomplished something I needed to do anyway. If it turns out it is going to be a bigger repair and take more time, then I am going to tape the pattern pieces so I can have it ready to work on alterations when I get home.

Alterations, now that is a topic. I made a vintage blouse to fit my daughter, now I need to make a skirt for that blouse. I also like this skirt and would really like for it to fit me but then I will need to make the blouse in my size too. I think I will end up making this in both sizes and making the blouse in both sizes. It makes me really miss the Barbie figure of days long gone. Most likely I will make this skirt in my daughter's size, then start working on making them in my size a little later. Maybe in the fall and winter when I have more time to sew. It is hard to get an early start sewing on summer evenings. I sew more when it is dark outside.



Sewing Work Space
Last week I didn't sew because I had company. This week I was busy at work and tired when I came home so I didn't sew. My sewing space looks clean and tidy, even the little pins that escape the magnet and pin cushions have been captured and put away. There just isn't any action going on in the sewing area. I hope putting it all in order did not severely damage my motivation.

The weekends are usually my best sewing times, but tomorrow is committed to something else. Hopefully I can find time to work on at least one project. Maybe it is time to work on some of the projects that will make sewing for me easier. Or maybe I just need a little break to recharge.


Oh Wow!

Nephews visiting the Rocky Mountain Region.  4th of July 2012
I just did not sew much this week. My brother came to visit with his sons who are six year old twins and a four year old. The youngsters had never been to Colorado so in addition to picking up the rotary cutters, scissors, pens, needles and other small child hazards, I went with them as they toured some of the highlights in the front range. I think they will want to come back soon. It is always a pleasure to drive the scenic highways of Colorado but the rewards are even more fun when around every corner it is "Oh Wow!" I had nearly forgotten just how exciting the wow factor can be.

11,796 ft Elevation - View from Visitor Center - Trail Ridge Road 68 degrees on  7/4/2012; usually much colder.
One of the excursions included a trip over Trail Ridge Road, which is the highest continuous road in the contiguous United States. The road to the top of Mount Evans is higher, but it is a destination then return by the same road route. Because of time we did go as far as Echo Lake, but did not visit the top of Mount Evans this time.

Echo Lake, near Mount Evans late in the afternoon.

I got to add a few new photographs to My Favorite Places in Colorado. I had been here before of course, but back then I was using a film camera. Digital is much easier to share. Enjoy.
Overlook near Echo Lake