First Fall Project - Toe up socks

Trying different techniques

New Socks, Toe-up, Magic Cast-on, and Magic Loop vrs Double Points
Knitting socks, a new way.  I keep finding toe up sock patterns on Pinterest so thought I would give it a try. 

Most of us who knit have learned to knit socks from the cuff to the toe, also known as top down. There is always the possibility that you could run out of yarn before you finish a pair, but more importantly, when you reach the toe you have to seam the toe closed.  Toe up socks with the magic cast-on create an invisible start to the sock and eliminate the toe seam.  This is a great time saver and is much easier than a Kitchener stitch. Plus it looks very nice:

Toes of a new knit with magic cast on, the cast on row is exactly like the other rows.

The magic cast on eliminates the need to stich the toe shut and lets you start the sock at the toe, knitting to the cuff.  I am always for anything that makes finishing knitted projects easier.    

I also made one sock with double point needles and the other with a long circular needle using the magic loop.  I was very pleased with the sock on the magic loop needle.  Change area between front and back and along the gussets just looked neater.  There was also very little danger of dropping stitches off the end of the needle.

Magic loop/circular needle on the left, double points on the right.

Circular needle with loops pulled. 
If the loops get in your way give the needle a twist and the loops will change to be out of your way.

I did not want pointed toes on my socks so I made a wider toe area.  Once I am sure I have the sizes exactly right I will make these again  and create a decorative stitch pattern.