Closing and Moving

Moving image from www.oxfordremoval.com

At last, close and moving week has arrived. Tomorrow morning it is finally time to close on the new place then shortly after that time to move in. But first, cleaning, packing, selling, giving away things that I no longer need and do not want to move. 

I walked through the new place last Friday evening. The seller is mostly packed up and has just a handful of boxes. I wonder if he has a lot of stuff in storage or maybe he has already culled the things he does not want to keep. I am pretty sure that my boxes will be stacked floor to ceiling and will be quite a collection of things I may have to continue to cull. The place looked pretty small when I was there Friday. It measures just a little larger than where I live now and I think I may have to reduce all the things I own by about half again. 

Maybe once I settle in things will fit nicely after all. Now back to tossing out, selling, giving away and condensing all of these possessions. I've got to be ruthless.