Pink Apron

pattern instructions, pattern and apron

This little apron was in my mother's craft closet. The pattern is old, and the fabric was a scrap from another project. I don't know how long it sat waiting to be finished but clearly it was something she had intended to finish. She had salvaged the fabric by sewing the pieces together before cutting out the apron. She had placed the extra seams so there was a seam along the sides although the pattern is a one piece on the fold. For some reason it had been stored and never finished. Perhaps it was not needed, or maybe she was busy with other projects. Maybe she had intended to use it as a teaching tool for one of her kiddos.  

adding bias tape to the edges

My Mother battled cancer for the last three years but this year cancer won. Before she passed she asked me to take her quilt scraps and craft items. Today I finished this little apron. I will give it to my sister, she is thin enough to wear it.  We love and miss you Mom. 

finished apron