Yes, I still sew, Sometimes I even write about it.

Rebecca Taylor's Vogue 1412

Front V1412
Front Pleat detail V1412
(The lamp light contrast helps show the pleat detail better.)
                                                                                                                                                           Looking over this neglected blog it occurred to me that I have not even written about sewing for a while. One might think I do not sew, or write any more and maybe they would be correct. The last thing I sewed was a muslin tunic blouse. I sewed Rebecca Taylor's Vogue Pattern V1412. It fit nicely with just a few minor alterations. But then it is a loosely styled tunic. 

I had a couple of pieces of stash fabric picked out for the top, but never committed to cutting them. The fabrics I picked are slightly transparent and will require a camisole. After giving it some thought, the front has buttons, but is really a pleat. I am worried the extra fabric at the front might not be as suited for this pattern as I had hoped. It will be a comfortable top but it needs a less transparent fabric than my original choice.