How to make a CD holder for your car visor

Most cars probably have a way to plug in your MP3 players or may even accept SD Cards or a USB Thumb Drive but if your car does not, here is an easy way to make a CD carrier for your car visor to keep favorite CDs handy.

Supplies and Prep

1.  Measure your visor.  In this example, the visor is 14.5" by 6".

2. Gather your fabric and tools.  I used three color coordinated fabrics.  You can use scraps or your local fabric store will have coordinated fabrics. I used less than a 3rd of a yard of each of the fabrics. - you will also a measuring tool, tape measure or plastic ruler, one pack of extra wide double fold bias tape. This is available in colors to coordinate with your fabric. 12-15 inches of one inch wide elastic.  Thread, scissors, iron, sewing machine.

3. Cut one coordinated fabric piece 14.5" by 6".  This is the back cover.

4. Cut a thicker fabric the same size, I used a scrap of trigger; you could use denim or canvas.  It can be any color, it is just to give more support to the CD carrier. 

5. Cut one more fabric the same size.  I used crinoline but I was looking for buckram, the same fabric you might use in the bill of a hat.  I purchased a quarter yard and have extra if I want to make another CD carrier.

6.  Cut your coordinated fabrics in 10x6 inch rectangles, (I used 11x6 rectangles and they are just a little big).  Fold in half so they are now 5" by 6" and press.  I made 10 of these pressing one flat and folding 9. (Mine were also 5.5 by 6")

1. Place the 14.5x6" coordinated fabric right side down and cover the wrong side with the buckram, then the canvas or trigger fabric.  Smooth 
2. Lay the unfolded 10x6 inch rectangle on the top, aligning with the right side and smooth the fabric.

3. Measure down one inch from the right edge and place one of the folded and pressed pocket pieces.  Make sure the folded and pressed edge is the side one inch from the right edge and the raw edges face the left side of the 14.5x6" stack.  Pin to secure placement then sew about a quarter inch up from the raw edge.

4. Measure down one inch from the top of the first pocket and place the second pocket over the first.  Again, be sure the pressed edge is on the right side and one inch down from the first pocket top.  Pin to secure placement and sew the raw edge about one quarter inch up from the raw edge.

5. Continue placing the pockets with the folded edge on the right side, securing the placement and sewing the raw edge to the 14.5x6" pieces.  I had room for 9 pockets, but if you make the pockets slightly smaller, ten or more may fit nicely. 

6. Once all of the pockets are placed, cut two one inch pieces of elastic long enough to support the cd holder on the visor.  I cut my elastic about 6.5", this is just slightly longer than the CD carrier was wide.  The width of your visor may make a difference.  Pin these in place.

7. Baste (sew using a large stitch length) the sides and top through all thickness.

8. Sew the extra wide, double fold bias tape around the outer edge, securing all raw edges and the elastic.

9. Place on visor with your favorite cds.

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 CD Look up CD at Dictionary.com

1979 as an abbreviation of compact disc as a system of information storage.

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