Welcome to 2017

Time to welcome the new year, change a few habits and move on with goals. I have decided to make it up as I go along this year. Yes there are goals, but I am not going to let them get in the way of anything. Since they are goals, I will be free to add more as the old ones are accomplished and new ones are presented. May we all accomplish more than we have planned. 

Almond Crescent Cookies
While I am still thinking about it let's talk about holiday baking. Just before the holiday week I told my son I would be making "Christmas cookies" today. In my mind, that means I will be baking all of my favorite cookies. He immediately ask if I was going to make Almond Crescents which were a favorite his grandmother made every year. Almond Crescents melt in your mouth and taste like they were created by the Angels and blessed by God. Even though they are that good, I do not like to make them and they were not on my cookie goal list. 

Most cookies have a moist batter because you start with butter, sugar and eggs. From there you add wet flavorings like vanilla, then spices, baking soda, baking powder, flour and sometimes chips and/or nuts. Almond crescents do not have eggs, or baking soda, Instead they have ground almonds, so starting right there the "dough" is much dryer and takes on the texture of sand. Something about this texture is displeasing to me and I think I tossed out the recipe last time I made them. I had to hunt all over the place to find it. In fact I did not find my copy and finally located one on line. You can find Almond Crescent Cookies here. They turned out to be easier than I remember, but maybe it is because going into it I knew I would be working with a dry sandy dough instead of more traditional dough. I doubt that I will incorporate them into cookies that I make for anything other than very special occasions though. 

Almond Crescent Cookie Dough
Quote for today:

Barbara Johnson -  “A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.”


  1. Oh my gosh, my mother made these as did my step-mother. They are some of my favorites. My mother's recipe calls for eggs, but not baking soda. She called them Hungarian Crescents. (No, we are not Hungarian). The nut mixture in hers is used as a filling rather than mixing them in with the flour. Wonder what the odds are that I will make them soon? Hmmm, probably not too good.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Those cookies are good, but I don't like to make them even though I do like to eat them.


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