Moved but not settled

Boxes stacked in living room
Everything is in the new place but it not fully settled. Instead of shoulder high boxes stacked all around it is more like knee deep in some rooms and waist deep in others. As clothing goes into closets and dresser drawers and patterns are put back into the filing cabinet I can see progress.  

The first day I started unpacking boxes and stowing things in their rightful places it seemed to be going smoothly, then my son woke up and started moving more boxes on top of the stacks I was working on to get them out of his way. The stacks that had been decreasing started to remain steady. That was not encouraging. 

Now there are a lot of empty boxes folded flat and paper wrap from the dishes, china, glasses, vases and other breakable items. Moving is definitely a process. There are still more things than space available, but as I move things, consolidate and sort there are a few things that will go to the donate stack so eventually it will all be in it's proper space. I am looking forward to that so I can sew. But first I will be happy to have the computer in its more permanent location and my room re-arranged. As it turns out I set the bed up right by the cable connections so, internet and telephone are creating too many wires around my bed.  Back to sewing soon. 

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