Progress... or not.

Large needle knitting and fast progress
When I found these two skeins in the end pieces and project leftovers I was excited that there was enough to use for a quick useful project. The cooler evenings have been wonderful for knitting and this little project on large needles has grown fast enough to provide a little warmth while I work on it. I have been looking forward to having it finished and put together soon.

But look again. Although very similar in color and even probably had the same name, it looks like they cannot possibly be from the same dye lot. The second piece is slightly brighter, I may be the only one who can see that, but it is enough to render this little project no longer a work in progress, but two pieces of knitted yarn that will be better suited as trim for something else. 

Unmatched dye lot results
I believe I will use the rest of this project, to finish out the length of yarn. On my way to the end of this I am going to re-learn how to knit continental style. I know that is how I learned to knit when I was young. Later when I picked up knitting again I had to review the process and have been knitting the style that loops the yarn over the needle less gracefully. I knew it did not feel the same at the time, but could not remember exactly why it was different. It seems slower and less effecient but feels more comfortable now because I have been knitting this way longer. This will give me a large stretch of knitted area to compare while I practice to regain the feel of holding the needls and yarn differently. It certainly will not ruin the already lost project. Hopefully it will not take long for me to change knitting styles and improve speed.

On a more positivie note, I purchased some Deborah Norville sock yarn that knits into wonderful stripes. This little project fits in a purse and goes with me for those times when I have just a few minutes to wait. It helps me pass the time patiently and I am encouraging to see how just a few minutes well spent help create something instead of being wasted.

Deborah Norville Sock yarn and partially knitted sock - nice stripes.
The whole project fits in a little zipper plastic bag and is readily availble when waiting.

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