Catching Up

As promised, I went into the mountains last week.We saw pretty color changes, but the haze from fires in the northwest is passing right through Colorado so instead of pictures of crystal clear mountains, I got photos of haze that fades the colors in the distance.

In June I told you about waiting in the dealership to find out what was wrong with my car. What I did not tell you was that after a couple of hours, they came back and told me it was tensioners, a belt, and the seals by the timing chain. They also quoted a price about double what I had hoped it might cost, then explained that the car was in no danger of a break down and the repair could wait. With the extra time, I checked with my regular mechanic. His price quote was much more reasonable, but because his shop is not open on the weekend I took a day off to get the repair. I worked on knitting a pair of baby booties for a boss's new granddaughter. Here they are fresh off of the needles and ready to be sewn together.

When I back up you can see the other projects on my table.

Booties on the right, lamp to hang on the left, fabric to cut in the middle, tracing paper and patterns in the center.

And I finally built my cutting table from the IKEA Lack Tables.

Look at all of the wonderful storage space, the cutting mat has room to spare and the height is perfect. Now maybe I really can catch up.

Close up of the finished knitted Maryjane booties on the table.


  1. Your table looks great! I'm so glad you are enjoying it! =)

    I'm hoping to upgrade mine a bit soon. I want to add a pinnable top like the cutting tables in most costume shops have. Aside from that, I'm still loving mine!

    1. Thanks for sharing the instructions. I tell everyone about your design. It is such a pleasusre to have this very functional work space.


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