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Warm Weather Knitting

I found this pattern in VOGUEknitting Spring/Summer 2008.  I was busy at the time so I purchased the magazine and kept it until I had time to make it.  Probably a couple of years later I purchased cotton yarn for this project.  I worked on the gauge swatches for quite a while but I was unable to obtain the proper gauge with the yarn and needles, or any other needles for that matter. 

I set the project aside, realizing that now I had to purchase a different yarn if I wanted to get this to work. Good news.  We had a cool spring this year and I had some unexpected free time so I am happy to say I have finally finished this project. 

Here is a copy of the project on the VOGUEknitting cover.

I did put a thin one row border on the front so that it had a sturdier feel under the buttons, everything else is just as listed on the pattern. 

Here is a look at what I am doing with the thinner yarn that could not match the gauge

Hoping for a cooler summer so I can finish this project too.

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