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1st Orchid bloom of 2017

First, one of my orchids has bloomed again. I was a little worried as the cat had knocked them down and damaged their leaves last fall. I think this one bloomed in February, near the one year anniversary of my Father's passing. This orchid usually blooms twice a year for me, once at the end of the summer and once early in the year. This one has a stem of about 6 blossoms and they all still look almost as good as the day they bloomed. The blooms usually last about two months so we may be nearing the end of this batch of blooms. I don't have a green thumb. I am just lucky to have a room with the right light and humidity that the orchids love. My other orchid is struggling as it took a little more damage. I am hoping with a little tender loving care it will be better soon and maybe bloom next blooming cycle. I am planning a series of small  "picture" quilts and this is one of the subjects I am considering. 

Dresden Doll blocks before sashing.
with sashing

Second, While looking for a specific fabric I found the pieces to this quilt that I started in the 80s. I had taken a class with a co-worker who wanted to attend a learn to quilt class. I cut out and pieced these Dresden dolls but left the project unfinished when I realized I really did not like doing applique. Then I saw a quilting you-tube video where the quilter said a finished quilt was better than a perfect quilt so I used the blanket stitch to applique the dolls. Now I just need to add a border then get it quilted. I may even do more applique with the blanket stitch in the future. 

Log Cabin Heart Blocks

The bottom block is sewn with a better quarter inch quilt piecing presser foot.

Third, I am working on this log cabin heart quilt. I was having quite a bit of trouble with it until I started using a different quilt machine that has a proper quarter inch piecing presser foot. Notice the difference in the top and bottom pieces. The bottom one is going to square up much easier than the first few, like the top one. I wanted to have this one finished in February, but it took me a while to figure out how to easily make this log cabin heart quilt block. Believe me, this one has a few tricks and will probably get a full post later. It is not a quilt in a day quilt for me. It will be an ongoing project where I only sew a block or two in between other projects. 

Fourth, working on this wild and crazy kitty cat quilt. This one is going to look like an explosion at a crayon factory. My local craft scraps store had this little fat quarter bundle of kitty fabrics and the stripped fabric. I added the bright solids this one will probably need a pair of sunglasses for viewing. 

There has been at least one quilt project each month, and I am working on some options to be able to quilt these myself. I will have several to quilt so I am hoping that will happen soon I am looking forward to having several quilts completely finished. 

And just a couple of simple projects that brightened up the sewing room:  

Mug Rugs. Fun, small, and easy to quilt on a regular machine. Subject matter, color, size are limited only by your imagination. They are wonderful to have available for gifts. They are useful and fairly quick. I have been practicing my binding skills on them. Here are some I made in February. 

And yo-yo covered metal washers for pattern weights these really bring some color to dull muslin pattern tests. It also speeds up the time it takes to get to sewing instead of pinning and cutting out patterns with scissors because you can use the rotary cutters. 

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