Portable Hug

When my daughter was younger, she said she did not get enough hugs.  That just seemed too sad so besides giving her a hug, I sewed a dark rose color flannel shirt for her.  I told her it was a portable hug to go with her and keep her warm.  My hope was that she would wear it and feel loved.

Original Portable Hug

Portable Hug, enhanced with corduroy print vest.

Now that winter has arrived with snow and cold temps, I decided I needed a portable hug too.  I found an old piece of flannel in the stash. It has a busy floral pattern over a dark blue background. There are roses in an odd fleshy color with maroon, darker rosebuds and turquoise leaves. It must have been an 80s fabric reject.  The shirt is not attractive and I am sure it would win in an "ugly shirt" contest, but it is warm and fuzzy, like a hug.

Portable Hug 2012
Portable Hug 2012 with vest

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