Snowy Day Project

After they plowed the walkways.

Yesterday it snowed. I had the perfect snow day project too, a little quilt top to finish that I found in Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine, May/June 2009. It is a twin size quilt designed by Patti Carey, named Squares and Stripes.  It is made from 30 8.5” squares in 6 colors. This is not my usually choice for a quilt style but this one is special. I like the sashing and it is relatively easy. The sash pieces are made from a piece of fabric that is a multi-color stripe with a solid piece down each side. At first glance, the stripe looks like it has been pieced from tiny strips of fabric.

My version of  Squares and Stripes

The snowy day project was the border.  I thought the border should be a green color keeping with the theme of the stripes in the sashing.  I did not have any one color for the border and planned to use the scraps from the squares to create a pieced border.  Before I started piecing a border I asked my daughter what color she thought the border should be.  She said, “That border needs to be brown, probably the dark brown like this or that.”  She pointed out the darker color on one of the squares and the lighter brown on another.  I think she is right. Now I need to purchase a solid dark brown fabric to edge this quilt.

I made cookies for my snowy day project.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tomorrow's snowy day project, cleaning off the car.

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