Have to do, Want to do or Done?

My to do list for each weekend is usually a long list of have to do chores and want to do projects. Even though I may accomplish all of the have to do and even several of the want to do items, I find that at the end of the weekend I am disappointed that I could not finish everything on the list.

This weekend I am going to approach things differently. I am not going to refer to a to do list. Yes, I would like to do some creative sewing, finish old projects, sew new cloths or work on quilts.  I will have the usual need to do things too, like clean house, grocery shop, laundry and whatever else. Even so, I am going to kick back and just have a weekend.  Anything I do will be more than I "planned" but just this weekend if I visit a museum, shop at an antique store, bake something, sew something, take a hike, read, knit, or nap, then that will be enough.

If I do make a list this weekend it will be a "done" list, instead of  a "to do" list. I suspect listing what has been done may be more revealing and rewarding than seeing what is still undone.

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