Bargello Jacket

Quilted Bargello Fabric Choices
I am still not quite finished with this project, but I have enough of it completed I can show you what I have been working on.   It started with a quick sketch/plan on a trip to the fabric store.  I made the sketches to stay on task.

Bottom sketch of the two.

The first sketch on this note is the pattern style I went to the store to find.  A blouse or jacket with fabric gathered across the waist.  The second sketch is a jacket that I have been thinking about making for a while. A quilted bargello style jacket with an asymmetrical stripe pattern. When I went into the store I found the blouse pattern and the fabric for the jacket. I decided to wait to purchase the pattern, but the jacket fabric was on sale.   

When I estimated the yardage I figured I would need 2.5 yards for the lining and a total of 2.5 yards for the pieced strips.  This was just a guess and turned out to be fairly accurate, however, if I sew it again I would purchase more of the lightest white and more of the darkest black, because I had to return to the store to get enough to complete the jacket bias edges.  I completely forgot to include that in the original purchase.(which is part of why I am finishing this even later than I thought I would.) It turned out I had more than I needed for the lining, which proved to be very useful in the bargello strips.  I also did not include any extra for the seams in the piecing.

First set of strips pieced together. I made three pieces like this.
Example of Cut Strips - these sets have been trimmed and are not complete strips.
Nearly completed jacket, still working on finishing the edges.
I  used a foundation lining and as each piece is placed it quilts the jacket.  This jacket will be too heavy for summer days, but should be perfect through the spring season and possibly as a jacket for summer evenings.

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