Beef Stew

I know, I know! What does cooking have to do with sewing? The truth is I'd much rather sew than cook, but we all have to eat. When I cook it takes away from sewing time, and when I got out it takes away from sewing budget and the rest of the household budget as well. 

When the kids were younger I would cook a big roast in a slow cooker with vegetables. It was wonderful to come home after work to a dinner already prepared. Even better, there were leftovers that I could use in creative ways for a couple of days too. Then the kiddos grew up and a slow cooker meal was just that, one meal. Leftovers were just not happening. Sometimes while on the way home I would plan what I could add to a leftover half chicken to create a casserole, or chicken salad, or pot pie, only to discover that someone else thought it was the best possible after school snack in the house. 

Recently I purchased a new, larger slow cooker. It was for a work pot luck, but I discovered that if I use the larger slow cooker at home I could once again have leftovers. I used Diana Rattray's Slow Cooker Beef and Beer Stew recipe. Here is a link. http://southernfood.about.com/od/beefandbeerrecipes/r/r71104b.htm

If you don't drink, don't worry, all of the alcohol will cook out.  If you do drink, you will have the rest of the six pack to serve with dinner. 

It is a rainy weekend here so I think I will make it again today. I want to sew, I do not want to cook.  Happy Mother's Day!

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