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I decided to make a quick quilt with a jelly roll or two recently. I had a plan in mind but when I measured the length of the jelly roll strip I discovered that I could not get the pieces I wanted. Actually, I measured the expected pieces, with the wrong triangle template on a sheet of newsprint. I could get the twelve pieces on three strips of jelly roll fabric sewn together. This would make two large hexagon flowers, or so I thought. 

Stack of  three-strip purple for flowers before cuts
Before I realized my error I had purchased the jelly rolls and started sewing three strip lengths together. When I got ready to actually cut the fabric I discovered my error. I could only get ten 60 degree triangles on each strip, five in each color combination. This left me one 60 degree triangle piece short on each flower. When I purchased the jelly roll I had selected a second one in greens. This could work if a green leaf pointed into each flower so I made the green leaf pieces and added them to the flowers.With the flowers complete I decided this just needed to be a bigger quilt so I added some yellow flowers. This time I knew jelly roll strips were not going to work, so I purchased yellow fabrics and made complete yellow flowers. By turning the green leaves to touch the yellow flowers it looks like the yellow flowers are taller than the original purple flowers and the leaves are from the yellow flowers.

After Cuts
Two large hexagon flowers, same strip

Half sewn

Green strips

Green after cuts
Two flowers pieced, white tag at top is layout number so I can keep them in order.
I think it will turn out better than originally planned.    

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