Beginning Steps, 1912 Project

I signed up last week to test sew patterns for the 1912 Project. I can hardly wait to get started sewing the patterns, but there is a little work to do first. A free version of Pattern Maker is available through the end of the year for those who are test sewing. It comes with a shirt and pants pattern you can use as a block pattern. This is great because you can enter your measurements and get a fairly accurate block pattern customized to your body. With most of that work done for you it is easier to customize the test patterns to your size.

Once I test the block pattern I will be ready to start adjusting the sizes on the patterns I picked. I added in my measurements first and printed a blouse with princess seams. If it fits it will work for two things:making sure I have an accurate block to use to adjust the patterns and the outer shell for a dressmaker form that I need to re-size to my own measurements (see new project blog, June 2, 2012).

Once downloaded to Pattern Maker, the patterns will print on 8.5 x 11 paper or a size compatible to your printer if you have a printer that will print larger paper. Then you fit the pages together by grid number and alignment registration markings. I have printed out the block pattern pieces and taped them together. Now I have to test sew a muslin copy to see if  I measured correctly. If not back to make some changes, if so, then I will be ready to move ahead on the project. I am pretty sure I will be making large alterations because the sizes seem to run small compared to current sizes. People must have been much smaller then. 

This stack of papers is a  block pattern ready to tape together.

Block, taped together and cut out.
If I have to adjust this I will use paper with color to print the pattern.  That will make it easier to see under the 1912 patterns and help make it easier to make size adjustments on the vintage patterns.

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