Too Hot to Wear Cloths!

Three Finished Items

Summer has arrived in the Rocky Mountain region with a vengeance. Fires all around, and temps above 102 for days on end. Pretty unusual for the area. Air condition units are strained to the max. When the air conditioning does not work it really is just too hot to wear cloths.

Luckily, I took advantage of the recent pattern sales and made some comfortable summer items.  The first is Simplicity 2594 shirt. This is a quick and easy to sew pattern. I made view B in a blue cotton batik. I had not planned to wear it to work, but I found a neutral skirt hanging in the back of the closet that had been left unfinished. It turned out to be a very lucky find, the color is perfect for the blue shirt, so I hemmed the skirt and tightened up the waist elastic. Maybe that is why this never was finished. The elastic turned out to be very loose so the skirt didn't have a comfortable fit. I opened the elastic waist casing and tucked the elastic to reduce the size. Now I have a new comfortable summer skirt to wear with the new top. I think the skirt was from Vogue career wardrobe pattern 2637 which I am sure is from the 90s because of the size I purchased. The skirt is a simple straight skirt, with an elastic waist. My preference would probably be to have an actual waist band with a zipper and button/hook closure, but the elastic may turn out to be more comfortable. It is an ecru or light grey/tan-ish color that will wear well with almost any bright color and even white. 

Simplicity 2594 Blue Batik over light skirt
The second item is a really loud crazy red, peach, yellow, maroon, green and black cotton print that looks festive. Probably not a work dress, but almost as comfortable as wearing nothing in this unbelievable heat.  This is made from Vogue V8810, view A.  It is also a very simple and quick pattern with three options for the sleeves, just a dropped shoulder cap sleeve, short sleeves or long sleeves. The skirt can be either straight or full flair with options for a knee length or longer version on either skirt. The waist treatment is a matching fabric sash that runs through a wide casing at the waist and ties in the front. This is very forgiving, I think you could also use a wide grosgrain ribbon for a belt tie in a matching or contrast color. 

Vogue V8810 View A

I am surprised to have finished the shirt and dress so quickly but finding the easy to finish unfinished object (ufo) was just a bonus.  

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