Oh Wow!

Nephews visiting the Rocky Mountain Region.  4th of July 2012
I just did not sew much this week. My brother came to visit with his sons who are six year old twins and a four year old. The youngsters had never been to Colorado so in addition to picking up the rotary cutters, scissors, pens, needles and other small child hazards, I went with them as they toured some of the highlights in the front range. I think they will want to come back soon. It is always a pleasure to drive the scenic highways of Colorado but the rewards are even more fun when around every corner it is "Oh Wow!" I had nearly forgotten just how exciting the wow factor can be.

11,796 ft Elevation - View from Visitor Center - Trail Ridge Road 68 degrees on  7/4/2012; usually much colder.
One of the excursions included a trip over Trail Ridge Road, which is the highest continuous road in the contiguous United States. The road to the top of Mount Evans is higher, but it is a destination then return by the same road route. Because of time we did go as far as Echo Lake, but did not visit the top of Mount Evans this time.

Echo Lake, near Mount Evans late in the afternoon.

I got to add a few new photographs to My Favorite Places in Colorado. I had been here before of course, but back then I was using a film camera. Digital is much easier to share. Enjoy.
Overlook near Echo Lake

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