Rearranging a Small Work Area

I am happy to report that I am making progress on moving things around in the apartment and at the same time sorry it is not going faster. The smaller the place the harder it is to move everything. It is a lot like working one of those slider puzzles that reveals a picture once you have correctly moved all of the tiles to the proper spots.

It all started with moving a few things then needing to clean the carpets. Now the carpets are all clean and dry, but I am still moving things back into place or finding new places for them. The plan is to move all of the sewing equipment and supplies out of my bedroom and into a larger area of our apartment. The trickiest part is finding enough storage space in a tiny living space for big interests.

Right now, the table that holds the sewing machines is folded flat and resting against a wall. It will be just a little longer before that can be relocated to a more convenient place, still, it is progress.

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