Better Late than Never

Last night we watched the rescheduled fireworks show from the Fourth of July. The fireworks were delayed because of  severe dry weather and a fire ban in July. It was a good show and a lot of people were there. It seemed a little odd though to have fireworks at the end of August instead of the 4th of July. It was dark a lot earlier than it would have been in July and a little cooler too.    

On the home front, I am still in the process of moving the sewing area from my crowded little bedroom to a less crowded common area of the apartment. There are several little tasks to be completed before I will be able to finish moving everything around. I am really looking forward to sewing again soon. I have a feeling I will be way more productive once everything is settled again.

With the nights getting cooler, it is already time to get autumn/winter sewing started! So I would like to have everything moved sooner than later, but I guess it is better late than never. 

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