Knit W.I.P. (Knit Work in Progress)

After a blistering hot summer with no rain to speak of and temps in the 100s starting in June through July and the high 90s through most of August and into September, even mid 80s in October, snow on Friday and Saturday was a welcome cool down. I took the opportunity to start a knitting project inspired by a shrug in the Fall 2012 Creative Knitting Magazine NO-SEW CIRCULAR & SEAMLESS KNITS Publication . I have never been one to be able to knit when it is warm. The yarn gets sticky and quits sliding nicely on the needles. This messes up the gauge and complicates the whole process. Cotton yarns will work better in the hotter weather but I just don't knit when it is hot.  
Current Knit WIP - Shrug
I have been trying to match some yarn I have to a simple but useful project. I purchased this yarn to complement another project I was working on but it turned out not to be enough for that project. It really is not quite enough for this project either, but by giving up just a little length so that the sleeves will be just below the elbows it should make the perfect shrug to have around for those days when just a little extra on the shoulders is all I need. Plus with all of these colors it should look good with almost any solid color. It is knitted on larger needles so it goes pretty fast. I am using the circular needle in the photo as a stitch holder. 

Creative Knitting Fall 2012 Inspiration
 October is Knit Something Month. I'll be back to sewing soon.

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