Project planning and progress report

Last week I planned the projects I wanted to work on by placing them on my table to prioritize and review. Dot hopped right up to make an inspection and help me decide. Now you can see why I use plastic bags to organize sewing and knitting projects. It keeps her out of the yarn and other supplies.

Dot inspecting the possibilities

In this picture I can see a purple unfinished object (ufo), top left, then beside it the nearly completed button-up shrug that I made with mismatched dyelot yarn that I am going to rip out and turn in to something else, three skeins of red yarn, which is the replacement yarn for the button-up shrug, a pair of socks work in progress (wip), a pair of baby booties to finish, patterns to consider and two sewing projects that I may make for my kiddos.

So how did I do? 
The baby booties were a gift and I finished them.

The purple unfinished object is still unfinished.  I did decide that I need to purchase a scale so I will know when I reach half way on the yarn for the project that it will become. This project will have to remain unfinished until I weigh the yarn. I am not in any danger of running out of things to do so that probably will not move to the front of the project to-do-list right away.

I did knit on the socks. This is a very small, easy to take along project so it travels with me and I knit a row or two when I find myself waiting for something or have a few minutes extra during lunch times. It is on very small needles and in the round so while I can see progress it seems slow.  I am nearly finished with the first sock.

Once I decided I could not live with the mismatched dyelot on the original button-up shrug, I purchased the kind of yarn suggested in the pattern and got started on the replacement.

Original mixed dylot
Progress with new yarn
Nearly completed right side
Pattern Photo with both yarns

This brings us up to the sewing portion of the week.  I did not sew this week, but I do have several patterns I would like to sew soon. Here are four that I am considering. It will just depend on when I find the desired fabric.

Deciding on fabrics for these.

When I did look at a pattern to decide if I really wanted to work with it or make my own, Dot took the opportunity to play with the tape measure. Then she sat down right in the middle of the project.

She usually likes to nestle among the yarn projects in a favorite basket.

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