Oxymoron High Heel-Boot, or is it a Contranym

I have to show you this boot because to describe it would just create more confusion. My daughter brought a shoe box over for the cat, but the picture on the box was of the high heel boot pictured above. It looks like a cold weather work boot, but it has the extreme high heal of a dress shoe. While cute and amusing, the whole shoe just does not fit into any catagory. I guess just leave it to this generation to figure out how to wear weather boots without having to take a second pair of shoes to change into once you arrive at your destination. I hope it keeps her foot warm without her breaking an ankle.

I would have to wear a boot more like the one picutred below and change into a flat shoe after I reached my destination, but I probably would have loved to have a pair of high heels like this before cankles and wisdom set in. 

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