Organized Sewing Items

Finished Socks - Yarn Strip is built into yarn, no color changes necessary.
My sock project is finished.  I may have enought yarn left to make some fingerless gloves, but that would be another project. Here are the socks, and I have put the points protectors, measuring strip and knitting needles in their home. Right after I put them away, I read Sewaholic's post about organizing sewing trims and notions and it reminded me of how lots of my notions and trims were once stowed too.

Two Plastic knitting needle storage units and a tin box for smaller knitting notions
Before I sold my home. I had a whole basement I could use for sewing, with lots of overstuffed boxes to hold thread, notions, and all kinds of sewing items. Everything was contained in one area and I had enough space that things did not have to be in an exact spot. Now, in a small appartment every inch of space is important.

About a year ago I went through all of the sewing items, sorted out buttons, threads, cutting tools, marking tools, measuring devices, elastic, bias tape, scissors, knitting needls, and every thing you can imagine that relates to sewing or knitting. I found out I had lots of buttons, zippers, and trims from projects that had been re-purposed, and multiples of things like snap crimpers, measuring tapes, seam rippers, and thimbles.

Some of my storage bins and boxes, see below for content photos

When I was ready to start organizing the mess, I found craft boxes that looked like decorated shoe boxes on clearance at one of the local hobby shops and started sorting like items into the boxes. Now with the boxes labeled and easy to reach I don't waste any time looking for things. More importantly I do not re-buy tape measures or other items that I already own because they have not been returned to the right place.

While I was at it I looked for smaller, see through storage boxes for things like machine needles, presser-foot storage and other small like items that I use while sewing.  I found small plastic boxes that looked like minature versions of larger tubs at the office supply store. This keeps the small pieces together and secure.

All of these presser-feet fit in this little box

Another little box holds machine needles

In a slightly larger set of see thru containers I have screwdrivers, other machine accessories and marking/turning items.

Thread is still jumbled in a box, but it is in its own box, bobbins stay neat in rubber circles.
With everything contained, labeled and stored on shelves it is easy to find things which saves time. I don't end up re-purchasing things, like tape measures, which saves money.  The organized notions, tirms and tools take up much less area so it saves space.

Storage Boxes on Shelf

Storage shelves with boxes , notions etc.

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