Last Saturday of 2012

Cloth Corsage to match quilted jacket
Early this year several people around me were making positive resolutions for the year. Instead of the usual, lose weight, save money, and other life and health style resolutions. I was inspired by hearing people resolve to do something either weekly or daily like take a photo every day, or write every day or draw a picture everyday. I had started this blog at the end of 2008. I did not revisit it for almost a year and then again until the beginning of last year. My resolution was to write more blogs. Certainly not daily because I knew I would not have enough time or topics to write everyday, but maybe weekly.

I have discovered it is hard to find the time to blog and work on projects because taking time to write about the project, and photograph it along the way at various points really slows me down. When I am working on a project it is so easy to just move from one step to the next and keep going. Taking photographs requires that I stop working on the project, move it to the table with good light and take the pictures. Then move back to the work area and continue working on the project. This stops the forward progress and impairs the motivation as well. If I write about the project after I complete it then there is a good chance that I did not take an important photograph along the way. I am not sure what I might do to make it easier, but I am glad that I wrote about my projects.

Knitted Shrug
This year I also spent some time knitting. I am definitely a sporadic knitter. The weather has to be right, the yarn has to feel good on my hands. I might knit like crazy for a long time then one day I am finished. Not interested in looking at a pattern, designing a pattern, reading about yarn or techniques or anything else to do with knitting. I am OK with that because I have more than a few hobbies. This year however, after several years of not knitting a thing because it has been too warm or just no interest I have found that I have about three projects going at once. I think it is because it was so unbearably hot this summer. When it cooled off it just felt so good to work with the yarn I could hardly resist knitting again. Socks are a wonderful small project to take with you for those times you have to wait for something or someone. Wristlets are fun too because you can use small swatches to test patterns before you actually commit to making something bigger and you have something very useful when you finish. Before I finish knitting this winter though, I plan to convert some flat knit patterns to knit in the round projects.  

Next year? I plan to write in my blog again. I am not sure if I will keep a scheduled blog though. It could be more likely that I will pick some specific projects and work more on them. What about you? Will you make a resolution? Did you make one in 2012?  Did you keep it? Will you make one for 2013?  Will it be the usual, lose weight, save money, or will it be something positive to promote a hobby or interest?

Favorite Projects this year:
Unexpected Quilt Designs
Purple and black quilted jacket

Cloth Corsage to match jacket - larger photo above
Jeans that fit - copied from a favorite pair 

Creating a copy of a favorite pair of jeans

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