Less Than Desired

It is that time of year when the elves and Santa helpers are busy with final touches and this year is no exception. I like to sew, I like to bake, I like to knit, design, paint, take photographs. I even enjoy working on most days, but I don't like this.

"This" is a disappointing yarn from a brand I usually like. This brand is softer than most and usually a joy to work with but I am not going to buy this style again. I may even return two unused balls to the store.Yes I really dislike it that much. While I will occasionally return things I don't like I don't usually return a small purchase.

It may be OK for some things, but I just finished a pair of finger-less hand warmers and sometimes the yarn had been spun tight creating a thin strand other times it was barley spun having a loose roving texture. The final product has a loose, slightly fuzzy finish, like a bad quilt filler. I don't even want to weave in the loose threads and finish it. It looks and feels hand made and I like my work to look and feel high quality and professional.

The whole experience was comparable to trying to drink tepid tea or eat a mealy apple. I am sorry I wasted my time on it. This yarn is better suited for kindergarten art projects not knitting. When have you had less than desired results and what did you do with the finished product?

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