"My Flower Garden" Flowers, Blue, Purple, and Red

Red flower garden flowers

I have all 18 full flowers, 4 half flowers, 6 double petal flowers sewn together. They are no longer under any threat from the cat. I have them grouped by colors here. I wanted to look at the leaf contrast to know if I need to exchange some of the green leaves before I sew them in place. 

Purple flower garden flowers
As pictured the little green leaves are pinned to the flower where I intend to sew them. What I am discovering is inspiration for the next flower garden quilt I might like to make. I like seeing the flowers laid out here with leaves just appliqued ramdomly over the flowers and with the flowers placed close without any pathway hexagons between.    

Blue Flower garden flowers
This quilt is based on the "My English Garden" EZ Quilts Pattern booklet by Sharon Hultgren in 1991. Each of the flowers will have the diamonds placed at the edge creating a full hexagon. It also gives each flower kind of a soccer ball feel. If this was done with dark centers and diamond pieces and white "flower petals" it would  become a sports quilt instead of a flower quilt, but would still be the same quilt. The real magic happens when all of the pieces fit together. The diamonds create another smaller hexagon that resembles the tumbling blocks quilt. 

Flower with diamond placement, not sewn yet
Using the larger hexagon pieces is making this quilt top assembly a very fast process. It certainly has not diminished my love of hexagon quilts, but the next one will probably have slightly smaller hexagons.

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