Nothing to do with sewing today

Nope, nothing to do with sewing today. I am sewing, just not talking about it right now.

Since Google Reader has exited the scene I have a lot more time to actually do more than read. I enjoyed having a lot of reading material available and being able to divide it by topic or interest and having it easily accessible separate from the e-mail. Probably too much because I read about current events, science, gardening, photography, knitting, nature, quilting, sewing, travel, outdoor sports, and probably a few other topics.  

The down side is that now that I am not reading as many blogs I am also not writing as many either. Probably  because I am not at the computer as much. Funny how breaking just one little habit has a domino effect on other areas. While I miss reading the blogs, I am enjoying having time to work on other projects and interests.  

I don't know why Google thought this was a good idea or which rss reader service I will select. There are several available. I am reading the comments and recommendations now. Feedly is getting a big nod from most of the people who have commented.  

I will eventually chose another rss feed service and I am sure I will write more blogs, but it is hard to be motivated to write if your readers can't find the blog. I am also considering either moving from blogger or creating a full blown web site because Blogger just reverts to things I did not chose no matter how much I work with the settings.  

For the moment I plan to enjoy the change of seasons. Happy Spring!


  1. Oh I am so with you on that. Why do they change something that is working. Though time off the computer is a good thing. I am trying to do less computer and more actual things on my sewing machine!!! Cheers karen

    1. Thanks, and I hope you get more done too. :)


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