"New" toy fully restored

I introduced you to my "new" toy in this post.  I found this little beauty on Craig's list. The description included something about "all original parts" and had a photograph of this same model in excellent shape, including the serial number visible in the photograph.  

What I discovered when I made the purchase was that the seller had photo shopped the correct serial number over a photograph of a perfect machine that truly did have all original parts. I discovered that it was missing the faceplate over the bobbin area, did not have any of the presser feet or the screw to secure them, did not have a thread spindle or magnifying glass cover over the light and there were not any bobbins. That was just for starters.  

Once I started checking it over the motor needed a new power cord because the old power cord had been repaired at least once with electrical tape. I found a whole set of presser feet, also on Craig's list from another seller. I also found the photograph the seller had used to tempt buyers. Lucky for me it was this web site:  

Duane repairs and sells these machines and also supplies parts for them. I ordered a new belt, bobbins, the thread spindle, a bobbin faceplate cover and the screw that secures the presser feet. I also made an inquiry and he was able to repair the power cord if I sent the motor, light fixture and foot power-peddle to him.  (these pieces are all wired together) Once I had the newly rewired motor back, with a new light, because the original light fell apart when I took it off of the machine, I  reattached everything, finished cleaning it up. It was in need of some tender loving care because in its day it has been worked, like the little work horse it is then neglected for an extended period of time. 

Newly refurbished it is a very nice quiet-running heavy-duty sewing machine. Yes, it only has forward and backward straight stitches but I have other machines for specialty stitches if I need them. One of the last pieces I had to work on was the bobbin winder. It took a little bit of time and oil to get that to work. Now the machine hums like it is new.  

I learned to sew on one just like this. Now I am a little spoiled by some of the features on my newer machines, like auto needle threader and thread cutter. The ability this one has to sew heavy denim, canvas and other tougher fabrics more than makes up for the little conveniences of the newer machines.  

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  1. Lovely that it is up and running. I hope you were able to get it at a good enough price that all the refurbishing was worth it. (Amazing what unscrupulous people will do with photoshop.)


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