Project Fit - Systems I use - Part 2

Sure-Fit Designs

Sure-Fit Designs was created by Glenda Sparling in the 80s. She has several You-tube videos to explain her system and how it works. All garments created are based on your personal measurements. She also has a blog, hosts workshops and is easily accessible via email to answer your questions. 

Sure-Fit Designs kit pieces

It is similar to the Lutterloh System because you mark a series of dots, then connect them with the special Sure-Fit Designs Designing Stylus. The Stylus has specific body curve areas listed with instructions for where to properly place the stylus for optimum results making it pretty easy to trace out the pattern. There are are also instruction booklets with step by step instructions on where and how to measure, where to customize the pattern to match your measurements and what to do when creating new design elements. 

The good
Easy to find fitting placement marks because the pattern template is full size and size points are clearly labeled. Alterations are easy to make on the pattern and templates are included for specific measurements like small or large bust adjustments. Instructional discs are included with step by step tutorials. There is also a booklet that illustrates options for different styles. Easy to recreate in a new size if your size changes or dress a group all the same.

The bad
I don't think there are any bad things with this system. Just be sure to read the booklet instructions, go step by step, or use the tutorial discs and watch the You-Tube videos. 

Sure-Fit is probably a little easier than the Lutterloh system because templates that are full pattern size which makes it much easier to find where to mark your fitting dots. Be sure to read all instructions though because there are still areas to customize. It is good to have a sewing buddy too because some of the measurements are hard to take by yourself.  

There are kits for Men, women and children for dresses, pants, shirts, and jackets.  You can purchase by the kit. If you sew for men, women and children there is substantial savings for all of the kits in a bundle over each individual kit. This is not a paid endorsement, but if you are interested click here to go to Sure-Fit Designs web site.

Sure fit bodice trace under a tried princes seam dress.
I will have to add the princess design onto he Sure-fit trace.

Here is an example of my tested pattern over the Sure-fit pattern, above.  As always a muslin test garment will be necessary, but you can see the pattern is fairly close to the tested pattern size.  

Dot, the pattern weight pitching in to help out.
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  1. Thanks for your review of this system and the Lutterloh system. I bought both at a yard sale recently and have been meaning to try them. The Lutterloh kit includes patterns that are quite vintage so I was thinking of trying that first. Thanks for the links so I can get new patterns too.


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