Scrappy Bits

Last week, on the way home, I stopped at A Needle in a Haystack quilt shop in Severy Kansas. I had wanted to stop a couple of times before but have never been in the area during normal business hours. Often I look for quilt shops when I am on vacation to see what others are working on, get inspiration, or just see what they have to offer.  I watch for billboards advertising quilt shops and stop in if  i) I can find it , ii) if I am passing by during normal business hours and iii) if I have time.

This little shop was busy with several customers from all across America and a friendly efficient staff. I don't think I was in the store for more than about 15 minutes before I had made my selections, had the fabric cut and was back out on the open road. They also have a few collectibles to sell, lots of beautiful fabric choices, patterns, books, quilting rulers. They offer classes too but I am definitely out of the area where I could stop in for a class. I picked up a special ruler, some bright colors for the stars portion of a quilt I have not yet started and a jelly roll that will coordinate with another jelly roll that has been sitting around waiting for just the right project.   

I am going to make a strip quilt with these two jelly rolls. It will be scrappy but unified by color tones. It is just the project I need today. I am not ready to jump back into the fitting project I am working on but I do want to sew. I also pulled some of my "thread scraps" from the box of threads I keep so that I can start using up spools with just little bits of thread. This will keep it from going to waste and clear out the clutter of nearly empty spools mixed in with more complete spools.   

So here it is, the beginning of a quilt I am going to call Scrappy Bits.

From Online Etymology Dictionary:

quilt (n.) 
c.1300, "mattress with soft lining," from Anglo-French quilte, Old French cuiltecoute "quilt, mattress" (12c.), from Latin culcita "mattress, bolster," of unknown origin. Sense of "thick outer bed covering" is first recorded 1590s.
quilt (v.) 
1550s, from quilt (n.). Related: QuiltedquiltingQuilting bee attested from 1824 (see bee).
quilter (n.) 
late 13c. (late 12c. as a surname); agent noun from quilt (v.).

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