Welcome 2014

I think I have found my New Year's "To Do" Resolution. It does not have anything to do with sewing and I hope it does not take the full year.  

In early November this beautiful Kitchen-Aid mixer found its way to my kitchen. Every time I walk into the kitchen I am inspired to make something to bake with it. Sometimes I let it work on cooked squash or potatoes too. It makes unbelievably quick work of a lot of things and and now, like the TV cooks, I have all of the ingredients lined up to add at the appropriate time. The actual mix time is probably about 3 minutes. 

The trouble is, because I have not been doing a lot of baking, most of my favorite recipes look like the picture below. They are just a messy stack of little scraps of paper, clippings from packages, prints from the Internet and notes I have made along the way. I always know where to look for them, but I have to dig through the whole stack to find the one I want. Along the way I see recipes I have not used for a while but might like to make soon. There are also the hand written recipes that are in danger of fading away.  

This is the year to collect these into a nice favorites cook book, where I can organize them, print them and make into a little comb bound family cook book for me and my kiddos. I think this will be a fun project. Of course I will have to test each recipe and photograph it. There are lots of ways to add interest to this little project. 

Happy New Year.

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