Cloth Napkins

I have been busy at home and busy at work so I am not sewing too much. An awful cold has been marching its way around the office and now I guess it is my turn. So this will be brief.

Last week I needed new cloth napkins and ended up making them because none of the stores I went to were selling them. I did not spend a lot of time on them because I needed them right away and had lots of other things to do too. I was in such a hurry I only serged the edge. If I feel better today or tomorrow I will probably put a neater edge on them.  If you want to read about them, I did post them to instructables.  I don't post a lot there, but noticed there were a few more followers and thought it might be good to share at least something more recent than my last post.   

When I got home after shopping for napkins, I did a quick check online to see who sold them and realized I had saved quite a bit by making them myself.  When I feel better I may make several sets including special occasion napkins for birthdays, and holidays. 

You can see the instructables post here.

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