Apartment life

Neighbors who smoke

Ah yes, apartment life. The apartment next to me has been empty for about a month. That is probably longer than any time in the recent past. Most of the time we don't even share schedules with the neighbor so we rarely see them. This time it was rented to a smoker. From the disgusting stench in the breezeway we share it must be a chain smoking dragon with a severe habit. I imagined it to be something like smoking one, having one burning in the ashtray and lighting another with the one currently in hand.  

Then my son said, "Hey, I know how our neighbor must be smoking."  so I took a look at his computer and this is the image he was viewing: 

He may be right, or maybe it is more like this:

cigarette smoking
Either way, it is completely nauseating. Sorry smokers, but your habit does not just hurt you, it hurts those around you too.

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