Ten more rows to go

Neckband on the needles only 10 more rows to go
Only ten more rows to go. Of course, these are the longest rows I have ever made in my whole life. The last rows are the neckband and self facing portion of the neckband. The neckband is the full length from one lower front edge, up and around the neck and back down to the opposite lower edge. Three hundred seventy three stitches in the original version. The pattern called for a 32" circular needle for this portion but I invested in a 47" long needle. It is slightly longer than needed, but not much. I think the 32" needle would have been pretty crowded.

When I started this I had altered the pattern a little so even in my version there are 365 stitches in this row. Before I started the neckband I wondered if I should use the larger of two balls of yarn or maybe the smaller ball of yarn that was left over from the body portions of this project. I did not want to run out of yarn and have to tie in a new start if there was not enough yarn in the smaller yarn ball. Now I am glad that I used the larger section and am wondering if it is even going to be enough or am I going to run out and end up joining the other section anyway.  

I thought I was nearly finished with this project when I got to the point of adding the neckband until I realized just how much more there was to knit with 32 rows and 365 stitches per row. I think this neckband has almost as many stitches as the back.  

It is a good thing it is nearly finished. I am running out of knitting weather. The forecast is for 70 degrees tomorrow, but cold with rain and maybe snow the day after that. Sounds like the perfect weather to finally finish this last winter knitting project.

This is Vickie Square's Sodenashi from Knit Komono. There are instructions for 18 designs with simple shapes, and beautiful stitches. There are several more designs I want to make in this book. 

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