Knitting Season Soon

A new place in the new season
(my August Posts are out of order. I have found a place.)

Dot and Socks, Berroco Self Striping Sox Yarn.  It is almost Knitting Season.

I found a new place and we are under contract. Close date set for late in September and now all the fun part. Inspection, corrections, appraisal; then packing, close and move, if all goes well. I hope we are able to be in and settled before the first snow flies. As in, I hope we have one of those beautiful sunny colorful autumn seasons where the weather is pleasant and the leaves stay on the trees for days on end. I want to move before the leaves even change color and way before they fall and reveal trees that look like Halloween props against a cold and gray sky. It will be in September. Snow in September is a possibility in Colorado and it is already much cooler in the mornings. It won't be long before it is crisp in the mornings, the sun is already slow to rise. 

As always, buying real estate is an adventure. You never know what you will find and what will be available when you look. In the late 80s it took us a whole summer to find a place. We made offers on three or four places only to have the seller select someone else even when the offers arrived at the same time and were equal in all ways. I had to tell myself each time that there must be something better out there for me.  

In some parts of America right now, real estate prices are low and interest rates are low. In the Denver metro area there is not a lot of inventory to chose from in the price range I wanted. The nice places are snapped up pretty fast and the not so nice ones don't stay on the market long either. Some that cost more than the one I am buying were not as nice and would have required a major rehab to work out. You learn not to hesitate when there is a good possibility.

The first place I put an offer on this time was an adorable townhouse with a large common area behind it. My offer went in within hours of looking at it, in fact it was the first offer, but the seller refused to review offers during the weekend so a couple of other offers were right behind mine. I offered above what they asked, planned to pay the closing costs and had already been through underwriting in the loan approval process. It was the nicest of the places we looked at that day and only one of two that I even considered for an offer. It had a few things I was not thrilled about, not quite as much dining table space as I really needed and only one bathroom and the tub had one of those nasty plastic liners instead of the porcelain coated cast iron. (Not nasty as in needed to be cleaned, it was brand new, but nasty as in would not be easy to maintain.)

Like before I just had to know that something better was out there when I did not succeed on an offer. The one I am getting has a real porcelain over cast iron tub that will be easy to scrub when needed, and two bathrooms. Ah Yes. There is always something better out there. This one will cut 100 miles per week off of my commute to work. It is also peaceful and quiet with a wonderful southern exposure and beautiful view. Yes, an even better view than the first one.

As you can imagine, I will be busy for a while. Follow my Pinterest boards if you like. I pin things about knitting, sewing and cooking and other things too.

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