I started knitting a shrug in Tahki Cotton Classic over a  year ago. Then I made a mistake on it, actually, I made several mistakes on it and ripped it back several times to the errors, made the corrections and continued on. Truthfully, I had made an even bigger error on it somewhat near the beginning but decided I would just alter that into the pattern and match the front side. This error was at what length to start the sleeve. 

The project at about 12 cm

The sleeve was to start at 12 centimeters, but I started it at 12 inches. That is a full 19.5 cm, or 7 3/4 inch mistake(15 1/2 extra inches to knit for the whole garment). I told myself I could live with this alteration, but the longer it got the more it bothered me so I set the whole project aside and pondered the decision for a long time before I ripped it back to the beginning of the error, 12 cm from the start. After such a long time since starting the project, of course, I made a mistake in it right after increasing at the correct place for the sleeve. So I ripped it back again and made yet another mistake.  

Today, I ripped the rest of it back and decided I would try it over again with different needles. The original pattern was an open diamond lace, the yarn is meant for a size 6 US needle and I was using an 8 US to get the gauge. The result was a very soft lacy loose knit pattern and it looked nice on the needle. The smaller needle will make the yarn behave better and be a little firmer knit, but I will have to make more stitches to get the same size.  

Now I have to decide if I am going to use the same open diamond pattern or maybe pick something else. The texture will be different because of the smaller needle size but I think it will be easier to read the knit and not make the same mistakes I kept making earlier. Thankfully, it is a shrug, fit is not tight or exact and I will be altering it to fit the measurements, not the stitch count. I am sure I will be happier with the results but I am making something with bulkier yarn for the next project so it goes much faster than this re-knit is going to be.  

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