Vintage 1912 Skirt 0162 Update

I taped and cut out the pattern for the Vintage1912 skirt #0162. I knew these patterns were more for the tall and thin, but I had no idea they were for the extremely tall. If I hold the pattern so that the bottom of the skirt front just touches my toes, the natural waist is above my bust level. When I match the pattern to my natural waist I would have to climb a ladder so it would just touch the floor.
More for the tall and slim than the short and fat

I am glad I discovered this before I cut the fabric or started sewing the soutache braid down the front panel sides. I think, given the little bit of time I find to sew, it would have been depressing to spend extra time sewing nearly a yard of unnecessary trim. This pattern has to be designed for someone closer to 7 feet tall. Sadly what I reduce in length I will have to add in width. I have some concern that it may not resemble the original when I finish the alterations. I can see that corsets are going to be a requirement. Maybe sewing with the old treadle machines helped keep them slim; sitting in front of a computer screen all day sure doesn't.  

I am sure others have blogged about this extra length and I will read about it soon enough, but in order to truly test these patterns I prefer to explore them like they are being sewn for the first time. I wonder if home sewers of the early 1900s understood more about fit, and alterations, than we do, or did a lot of them just give up and decide sewing may not have been for them? 

I have decided to make the alterations and sew this for me. If I make it for my daughter I will simplify or omit the soutache braid design because she will not appreciate it. If I like the fit I may even make a shortened version too so I can wear it to work. It is too pretty not to modernize.   

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