Beginning the 0162 Ladies Skirt

It has been a busy summer, but at last I have a moment to start the 0162 Ladies Skirt. I just printed the pattern and instructions this morning. I have to take the car to the shop this afternoon so I am taking my tape, pattern pieces and instructions with me. This is one of those have to go to the dealership for check up and possible repair so I want to have plenty to do. Fortunately they have several waiting areas which include a lounge for TV watching, but it is always sports; car racing, golf, football, basketball, baseball, whatever is in season. They also have a couple of rooms with work tables and a separate tall seating area where it is comfortable and quiet enough to work sudoku, logic, and crossword puzzles or read. If you have to be there you might as well be comfortable. 

While I wait for them to diagnose the car problem I will read the skirt instructions. If it is going to be a simple fix great, I will have accomplished something I needed to do anyway. If it turns out it is going to be a bigger repair and take more time, then I am going to tape the pattern pieces so I can have it ready to work on alterations when I get home.

Alterations, now that is a topic. I made a vintage blouse to fit my daughter, now I need to make a skirt for that blouse. I also like this skirt and would really like for it to fit me but then I will need to make the blouse in my size too. I think I will end up making this in both sizes and making the blouse in both sizes. It makes me really miss the Barbie figure of days long gone. Most likely I will make this skirt in my daughter's size, then start working on making them in my size a little later. Maybe in the fall and winter when I have more time to sew. It is hard to get an early start sewing on summer evenings. I sew more when it is dark outside.

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