Multi-functional Work-space

When I got back into town last week, this is what my sewing cutting area looked like:

Work space hijacked
The youngest has decided to move out and in the process she has managed to cover the entire apartment with things that should be in her room. Most of them in the way of everyone else and this mess being the most offensive. This is a counter high work table that serves as counter top extension, kitchen table, cutting table and studio work space. It is the only place where I can lay out my cutting mat and cut out or alter patterns. I don't even have enough floor space to use the floor if I wanted. Besides, the floor is carpeted so there is no hard surface even if I had the space.

When this hardworking table serves as cutting area, it is just for the amount of time that it takes to make alterations, layout the fabric and pattern, cut it out and make any tailor notations. Likewise when it is the dining table, set, eat, clear. No one can use it now with her computer and school books right smack dab on it. Even food prep is a nightmare because there is no extra counter space.

I know I will miss her when she moves out but right now I am looking forward to having more space to set up an IKEA LACK Table hack for a dedicated sewing storage and cutting work area.

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