Simple Solution

The apartment complex was painting the outside of my building today and my daughter still has a lot of her stuff in the way. I don't have full use of my work table either so I used the time to visit the local IKEA store. This was my first visit and I was amazed at the size of the place. It was also very busy, we pulled into the underground parking garage and parked immediately after another car left leaving a parking space for us. When we left, our space was taken by a waiting driver too. I did not see any empty spaces so their parking lot must be exactly the right size. When I go back to purchase the Lack tables that I am going to hack for a cutting area I will go directly to the level with the boxed furniture because I know what I want. 

If I owned a house I would set up a freestanding island in the sewing area to store fabric, patterns, tools, and notions then top it with a stone counter top, but in this small apartment the Lack tables are going to work nicely for the same purpose and be very cost effective. 

Here is a link to Custom Style sewing blog where I got the idea.  Thanks Brooke for sharing such a great hack!  

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