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2013 Sewing Journal
At the beginning of the year I picked up this journal. I use it to keep notes about projects I am working on and ideas or inspirations for future projects. I thought taking notes, especially on the projects that have several construction steps would be helpful when I get ready to blog about the how-to details of the project. The journal is a big help to keep me on track to complete the sewing by only stopping briefly to write quick notes about the construction order and details, without long stops to blog and edit.  

It has been my intention to blog about blue jean construction for a while, but every time I start to write about it it felt familiar, kind of a deja vu feeling. So instead of finishing the write up I would write about something else until I had time to review past posts and be sure I was not repeating something unnecessarily.  

After convinced myself that I have not written even an unpublished post on this yet I picked up the journal to read over the notes and start the project and there it is. I have written about it. It is all in the journal. All I really need to do is type it up, match the photos and post it. I haven't decided how many posts it will take, but I think I may post it out with the same stopping points I used along the way during construction. This means I will be writing the whole process before I post any of the instructions.  

From http://www.etymonline.com/

deja vu Look up deja vu at Dictionary.com
1903, from French déjà vu, literally "already seen." The phenomenon also is known as promnesia. Similar phenomena are déjà entendu "already heard" (of music, etc.), 1965; anddéjà lu "already read."

journal (n.) Look up journal at Dictionary.com
mid-14c., "book of church services," from Anglo-French jurnal "a day," from Old French jornel, "day, time; day's work," noun use of adjective meaning "daily," from Late Latindiurnalis "daily" (see diurnal). Meaning "book for inventories and daily accounts" is late 15c.; that of "personal diary" is c.1600, from a sense found in French. Meaning "daily publication" is from 1728.


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