Sewing Tools, Close at Hand

Handy tools under glass
Lets see, scissors, thread, thread sniper, thimble, chalk marker, measuring tape, pattern weights, needles, elastic, pins, metal measuring device, seam ripper and probably buttons or zippers for the current project are usually close at hand. It is easy for them to be scattered. If the kitty finds them interesting then I have to worry about keeping her safe too. 

When I recently moved a dining table in and the permanent sewing area out it created some sewing challenges. The most notable is having to setup and remove the sewing machines each time I sew. One of the lesser issues is having to gather up sewing tools when I need them. I have a mini carousel bin that holds everything mentioned above, and more. While it is very handy it is far more functional than pretty. 

I have found a new use for a rarely used cake server. It keeps all of my little notions nearby, safely out of the kitty's paws and beautifully displayed so that it is not necessary to move them out of view each time I am finished sewing.  There are also no calories or snacking temptations.

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