Three needle bind off - how to

I have a favorite bind-off to use when joining live stitches.  It is perfect for joining sweater sections at the shoulder. 

Three needle bind-off

1.  Two swatches with live stitches on needles. 

2.  Hold the two pieces with right sides together.  Insert third needle as if to knit through the first stitch loops on the first and second needles.  (The third needle is the same size as the original two needles.)

3.   Create the knit stitch over the third needle.  For illustration purposes, I have selected a contrasting thread.

4.  Pull the new stitch back through the knit loops on the needle. Drop the original stitches off of the first and second needles.

5.  Create a second stitch.

6.  Slide the stitches off of the first and second needles. 

 7.   Pass the first stitch on the third needle over the second stitch on the third needle like a traditional bind-off stitch, dropping it over the needle tip.

8.  Only one stitch remains on third needle. 

9.  Continue knitting one stitch and passing the first stitch over the new stitch, dropping the first stitch off of the needle.

10.  Completed bind-off row.

11.  Back side of swatches with same thread as the swatch and a contrast thread.

12.  Front side of swatches. 

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