Sewing Machine Maintenance

I had to open my machine this week to add oil, clean lint and do a little preventative maintenance. I managed to do something incorrectly though and ended up having to buy a replacement bobbin case. Luckily the part was in stock and not a special order. 

I think I forgot to fully tighten the face plate before I started sewing again, and the bobbin case popped out of place and got hit by the needle. I was very lucky that I did not cause more damage. They assured me at the sewing store that I was not the first one to ever do this and I would not be the last. So you don't have this same problem, I am sharing here what I learned.

bobbin case exposed, round screwdriver and metal face plate in place.
Dust and lint will collect under the needle and feed dogs.  I make sure to brush this area with a small brush, made for this purpose and vacuum it with a small "data" vac after about every three or four garments. If I sew something that sheds more lint then it may be necessary clean it more frequently. In the picture above, the bobbin case is still in place.  

Bobbin case has been removed
There are two small screws that hold the metal face plate in place. In this photo the face plate is in place and the bobbin case is removed. It is very important that the metal face plate is replaced and secured tightly before the bobbin case is replaced. When the bobbin case is replaced first, it is possible not to tighten the face plate properly which allows it to move. I don't think that I had the bobbin case in first, but for some reason, I think I did not have the face plate secured properly.  

Old and New Bobbin Cases
The bobbin case on the left is the new one, and the one on the right is the damaged one. They look the same, but when the old one got hit with the needle, it created a bur that will not allow the case to sit properly. I was fortunate I did not do more damage. 

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